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Warlock C'tun hearthstone deck

Deck: C’thun Warlock

Deck: C’thun Warlock

C'thun deck

Deck: C’thun Warlock is quite slow, but once it picks up the tempo then confidently holds control on the table. Use strong class spells and focus strong characters. C’thun Warlock is better than any other to cope with the enemies in the ladder.

Choosing cards

Hearthstone cards

Cards for Replacemend:

Starting hand

Try to score cheap creatures that enhance C’thun.
An example of such cards:

Also an excellent choice will be:

Good choice against Shamans, Hunters or Warriors will be:


C’thun Warlock perfectly shows itself in battles with zoo warlock and Shamans. If you have taken the initiative from Miracle Rogue  then we can assume that you have won.
Tempo Warrior and midrange hunter is more difficult, but to cope with them will help your mass spells. If enemy place strong cards then we will fight back with Soul Siphon.

If we fight with another C’thun deck then victory is very questionable. All will depend on your Luck.

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Dr Boom • August 6, 2016

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