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Hearthstone 8.0 patchnotes

Hearthstone 8.0 Patch notes

Blizzard released the new update for Hearthstone 8.0.0. In the game started the final stage of the preparations for the Mammoth’s year and for the “Journey to Un’Goro“, the new hero appears – rogue Maiev Shadowsong. Also, a few small bugs were fixed.

Patch notes 8.0.0

Journey to Un'Goro

  • In the “Journey to Un’Goro” add-on you will go in the journey to the prehistorical grounds, that’s full of miracles and dangers. 135 new cards: Inpatient elementals, Huge Dinosaurs and new card’s type – “Tasks”.
  • This is the final update before the Mammoth’s Year. With the “Journey to Un’Goro” release the new year in Hearthstone will starts.

Rogue Maiev Shadowsong

  • From the shadows, the new hero appears – rogue Maiev Shadowsong. To add her to the collection, win 10 matches in casual or competitive matches in the standard formation after addon released.
  • A line of functions for the closed beta test of the taverns Fireside Gatherings was added. ( In the closed beta test will participate only a few Fireside Gatherings. But after this stage ends, all who want can participate in the open beta testing)
  • Popup tips now show a number of cards in your hand.
  • Text mistakes and misleadings now fixed. Now text correctly reflect an ability of the card.
  • [Android only] Now you can install the game to the SD memory card.

Other fixes

  • The “Jade Spirit” is now displayed correctly when searching for maps on the “Jade Golem” request.
  • When “Herald Volazj” copies the creatures on which the mute effect is applied, this effect also applies to the copy.
  • A problem has been resolved in which the players were unable to use spells that consumed health in excess of the hero’s remaining health, even if he was immune to damage.
  • Corrected a problem that, by playing the Jade Flower card, the players sometimes still spent Mana, even if the card had to cost 0 Mana.
  • The graphic effect of the sand storm “Nozdormu” disappears correctly if the card is returned to the player’s hand.
  • Fixed several problems with the interface and graphics.

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