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Shanghai championship

Hearthstone news#1 | Great update and New championship in Shanghai

Hearthstone – play with friends!

The developers of the collection card game Hearthstone on the official website of the game shared some of the bright innovations that players should expect with the next update.

decks in HS

So, now almost all tasks can be performed in friendly duels. The Blizzard team decided to pay more attention to this aspect of the game after receiving a lot of positive feedback from their community. Of course, not all quests can be completed in this way, for example, the task of watching a game or a match with the owner of a tavern will not work with friends, but still.

In addition, in Hearthstone will be able to save and make imports of your favorite decks. You can forget about screenshots and permanent Alt-Tab on sites with guides. By copying your decks, you can save them to the clipboard and send the received codes to your friends. When creating a deck, the game will check your clipboard itself, and after picking up the finished set in your collection. This function will work even for Shuffle.

HCT 2017 – Shanghai

In the summer of 2017, the HCT 2017 Spring Hearthstone Championship will take place. The venue is Shanghai. The Silver Hall will solemnly open its doors from July 7 to 9 and in the near future, everyone will be able to learn the details and useful information for visitors.

Shanghai championship

The championship will send an invitation to the four best players from each region as a result of the playoffs of the spring games. First, the contenders for the title of the champion have to fight in the group stage, and after two strongest from each group will compete for elimination in the playoff games, where the champion is determined. The total prize fund of the tournament is $ 250,000.

We want to remind that the Winner of the Winter Games Championship was Alexey Barsukov, more known under the nickname- РShatUdachi. He beats 15 players from all regions of the world.

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Dr Boom • May 18, 2017

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