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Hearthstone – A Game of Information


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Hearthstone is a game that involves nothing but a lot of information. Unlike real athletic games where the strength and type of training that one does determines success, much of this game is how you, as a player, will use the information you gather from the game.

If you have been playing poker and card games, then you must be familiar with the term ‘’tell’’. Tactics that a player uses to indicate that he has an exceptional card or just a signal of how they feel at that moment.

Many players don’t know that this technique also applies in Hearthstone games. After all, there is no way you can read a person’s body language if you can’t see your opponent physically- this is an absolute lie though. If you are able to see that your opponent has tells, while they don’t have any idea that they do, you can take advantage of this.

Players that don’t recognize tells don’t usually read all the available information on the game, while you do, which will help you make wise decisions. As a player, you need to know how to find hidden clues from your opponents, and how to avoid giving out too much information to your opponents, and most crucially, how to unravel the meaning behind a given information.

Digital cards are just cards

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Although as a player it is not easy to riffle shuffle or open a card pack, hearthstone is just a card game like any other. The cards can give you a lot of information depending on how your opponent uses his cursor. That is why it is highly advisable to play hearthstone on PCs and tablets that can show all the graphic features. Skipped frames and laggy graphics can sadly make you miss out on essential information

The first thing to consider is the cursor if you are using a device such as iPad. Whenever your opponent moves over a strategic position, Hearthstone will inform you, if your opponent is hovering over a card, it will appear on the front, and if the opponent is targeting a particular spell, you will see an arrow.

Most players use their cursors too much when choosing between potential plays, and this is a huge mistake, on their part. On the other hand, it can give you an insight into their thought process or cards.

For instance, if your board has a minion and you see your opponent targeting it, you can assume that he only has one of his targeted removal options such as Swipe or Wrath. If your opponent chooses not to take action, he just gives you an opportunity to play around. Lastly ensure that your board is not weak to the card, especially in the future, because it could give you a big advantage over your opponents.


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In addition, you need to understand hovering cards in your hands can extremely be dangerous, and if you do this all the time when deciding what to play, it could inform your opponent about your card.

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