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Hearthstone 7.1 Patch notes

New update for Hearthstone 7.1.0 finally released. The game began preparing to the add-on “Journey to Un’goro”, and developers changes: scoring matches, Arena mode, card “Small-Time Buccaneer” and “Spirit claws“, as well as a number of fixes and graphic enhancements.

Year of the Mammoth in HS

In the “Journey to Un’goro” we will start our preparation to the Year of the Mammoth, that starts in Marth. You allready can preorder “Journey to Un’Goro“! If you preorder 50 packs of card you will receive a stone style cards in expedition style as a gift.

Hearthstone gold

So let’s go straight to the patch notes of Hearthstone 7.1.0

Patchnotes – Hearthstone 7.1.0

Rating Matches – When a player reaches a certain rank in a ranking game, he will no longer be able to drop below during the season. Such points of no return have become 20-th, 15th, 10th and 5-th rank, as well as the rank of “legend”.



  • Now the deck for battles in the arena can be created from cards in a standardized format. If you started the game at the arena until the release of the update, you will be able to complete it, using cards from the free format.
  • At the time of preparation of the deck to the fights in the arena, players will often be offered a rare, epic and legendary cards.
  • Spells will also be offered players more often.
  • Neutral/classic card, in turn, will meet less frequently.
  • If you have a Gold version of the card, then the first copy that you can put in your deck will be golden. If you have few gold versions of the card, then all your copies will be gold.

Balance tuning:

  • Small-Time Buccaneer health were reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Spirit Claws cost was increased from 1 to 2 points of mana.


  • New property: “Poison”. Poisonous creatures destroying creatures that harmed.
  • Optimized memory usage by the client of the game.
  • Improved matchmaking algorithm for novice players.
  • We are testing the updated procedures for creating an account in the version of the game for mobile devices. This will reduce the time and technical delays when registering new Battle.net accounts. The new system will be available to a limited number of users.
  • The maximum value of the volume settings of the music is limited to ensure the best sound quality.
  • [Android] Changes underwent the procedure to download Hearthstone version for Android, and now it requires less storage space to install the game, and the upgrade process will in future take place more smoothly.


  • Now attack of “Small-Time Buccaneer” will correctly change under the influence of effects of cards such as “Humility”, “Within” and “Custodian of the mad Alchemist.”
  • “Kulaksa” property is now triggered correctly if the card overlaid with “Redirection” effect.
  • Fixed an issue related to the interaction of properties “Anger” and “Fearless reporter” while pulling cards from the deck.
  • Now “Sniper shot” card correctly triggered after using “Potions of transformation”.
  • Now “Wind Genie” correctly copies the spell, amplified through increases spell damage.
  • Now “Bouncy shuriken” continues to fly from creature to substance once “divine shield” absorbs damage.
  • Fixed an issue where cards, received as the award for the end of the season, did not immediately appear in the collection.
  • Now when you search for cards by name in class collection suitable cards are displayed correctly in three classes.
  • Fixed problems that led to delays in the payment services in the game store (and in some cases unintentional abandonment of the transaction).
  • Fixed many minor graphical problems. Fixed several inconsistencies in the text of the card.

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