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Heroic Brawl 12 win

Welcome – Heroic Tavern Brawl

If you are ready for a challenge, then collect your deck and rush into the battle! Blizzard introduced a new Hearthstone mode: Heroic Tavern Brawl. These bright competitive matches are your chance to become the greatest player in the whole game!

 Brawl Chest

What is it?

Heroic Brawls – are a tough test for even the most experienced players. But the glory and rewards that you can acquire, is worth it. Participants must create a standart deck from theirs collection. This deck must be prepared in advance, before player enters his first heroic brawl. Remember, that you can not change your deck until the brawl ends. So be sure that your deck is ideal before you start this Heroic Brawl!

Once your standard deck will be ready, you will start to fight with other participants. Matches are arranged like in the arena: to get the best rewards, you need to win 12 games. But after 3 defeats, you will be eliminated from the brawl.


 Heroic Brawl Rewards table

Winners will receive 50 sets of cards, a mountain of gold, the great amount of Arcane Dust and 3 gold legendary cards. Awards are significantly different from those that you used to see in the arena, and the more you win, the better they will be. Today it is the most interesting of Hearthstone competitive modes. The question is, Are you ready to go into battle?

Heroic Brawl 12 win

Well, are you intrigued? Now, how to get involved.

Heroic Brawl lasts one standard week and the entrance fee is 10$ or 1000 gold. The number of battles in the brawl for each participant is limited. Again, prizes depend on the number of victories, so try to squeeze out of each of these fights as much as possible!

If you are not yet ready to participate, you can watch in the viewer mode, as your friends are fighting, or cheer up the top favorite players. At the end of the week of heroic brawl we will be back to normal scheduled brawls.

We hope that the heroic fights arouse the competitive spirit of those who are not afraid to take risks for the sake of the good rewards. They will appear in the game very soon, stay tuned.

Blizzard always try to add something new into the game, and they are very interested in your opinion about the heroic brawls. Share your experiences in the forum or in social networks!

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Dr Boom • October 18, 2016

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