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How to play Teamfight Tactics

Auto Battler from Riot Games: Teamfight Tactics

New game from Riot is called Tamfight Tactics and it was made in the Auto Battler genre. Long story short – use the money you earn every turn to buy additional units or levels. All players buying champions from the shared champion pool, so you need to watch which strategies your opponents are following.

teamfight tactics

Features that you need to know about TFT

The very game is an FFA for eight players. All players have shared champions pool, so you need to see the least popular build and start to collect these units. Every player has 100 from the first round, and the winner will be the last man standing.

Each stage is divided by 5 rounds: four of them are PvP rounds where your armies will fight against each other and one PvE round where you fight against creeps to acquire items. Before each third round, the special draft round will come – all players from last to first could take a free unit with the item. It is a great comeback mechanic that could bring you back if you have a bad RNG. If you not sure in your skill, you could always order a TFT boost.

teamfight tactics

The champion pool contains 49 champions. League of Legends has more than 140 champions so in future TFT seasons Riot Games will add or rotate champions and abilities to keep the interest in the game from the audience. Champions have 13 Origins and 10 classes that grant buffs to the army, so you could build the perfect squad that will perfectly fit your expectations.

Champions split into five rarities: 1 coin – Common; 2 coins – Uncommon; 3 coins – Rare; 4 coins – Epic; 5 coins – Legendary. The higher the level, the stronger the unit. To have a chance to obtain a high-tier unit you need to have a high level (level 9 is the max). At the start of every round, you will have a chance to buy the unit you need. They will be stored at the 9 slot bench and can be placed anywhere at your board.

To upgrade units you need to have a three the same units, then they will be automatically upgraded to the 2-star unit. To obtain a 3-star unit you need to do the same operation Рcollect 3 2-star units and they will be upgraded.

Basics of TFT

All champions on the board are collecting mana by dealing or receiving damage. As soon as they will gain 100 mana they will use the special ability. These abilities have roots in the League of Legends and could do anything from stunning one enemy to wiping the whole desk.

teamfight tactics

Every round ends with one of these possible outcomes:

  • Lose – you will be damaged. Damage depends on the enemy units, that are standing on the board at the end of the round.
  • Win – you will damage an opponent. Damage depends on the enemy units, that are standing on the board at the end of the round.
  • Draw – if the time runs out then you both will be damaged, but if your units kill each other at the same round, then both of you will leave the battlefield unharmed.
Teamfight TacticsTFT

Dr Boom • July 8, 2019

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