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Water primal beast Ungoro

Journey to Un’Goro | Hearthstone Fifth Addon

Archaeological finds, the sources of energy of elements and the full of prehistoric forms of life ancient jungle are waiting for you in a new addon for Hearthstone – “Journey to Un’goro“!

In Un’goro expedition better beware of everything — even plants.

Are you ready to join Elise Stargazer and her assistants – researchers and explore a new expedition is in uncharted lands Un’goro crater? While you traveling through the jungle you will find: exciting adventures, amazing discoveries and a chance to become one of the pioneers of the forgotten secrets of the past that lie in the haze, that shrouded these thickets. Curious researchers can easily disturb (and thereby angering) primitive inhabitants of Un’goro. However, in the case of a threat the help will came from the most unexpected side.

Ungoro desk Hearthstone

Adapt to the conditions.

Take a Notepad and write down, because to really explore the inhabitants of Un’goro you can only through the prolonged observations! In a new addition to the Hearthstone 135 new creature cards, spells and not only them are waiting for YOU!

Fire primal beast Ungoro

Nothing beats the power of elements. The ancient force, resting in Un’goro, nourishes and reinforces the local elementals, making them more aggressive and powerful. Some of the old Hearthstone cards will join the new category of creatures – elementals. These cards, along with the cards of Murlocs, dragons, pirates, and beasts, will make it possible to create interesting decks based on the interaction of the creatures of a particular type.

Faster grab a Notepad and pencil, we met one of the local inhabitants, “verdant longneck“. At first glance it seems that this simple plant-eating dinosaur, but he has the ability to instantly adapt to new conditions.

Undead primal beast Ungoro

The adaptation allows to develop new abilities. Playing card with the “Adaptation”, you can choose one of three options for strengthening the creature. This mechanic is somewhat similar to the “Excavations”. The creature instantly gets a bonus. There are nine variants of “adaptation”, so choose wisely!

Since we in Un’goro, let’s take a look at the surroundings as record all information that we can get! You have much to discover and explore — from the terrible volcano to the sticky oil pits. The challenge is this: we should necessarily visit all parts of the crater!

Water primal beast Ungoro

Tasks – is a new type of card in the Hearthstone. Task cards are legendary, so you can add to the deck no more than one. And yet they are always added in hand early in the game. On each card will always list the conditions for executing tasks. Tasks are displayed in the portrait of the hero quite like secrets, however, the enemy will be able to monitor your progress. Performing tasks you’ll get incredible rewards! Take a look on the task card of the priest “Awakening of creators” and rate the card you get for its completion – “the keeper of Amarah“.


Hope you liked the review of an addition to the Hearthstone “Journey to Un’Goro”! Fresh information about new maps will started publishing on March 17. Get ready to take a walk on the wild places! Year of mammoth and adventure in addition “Journey to Un’Goro” will begin in April!

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Dr Boom • March 17, 2017

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