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Shaman whiril

Mirror Midrange Shaman: Survival strategy

In recent months meta does not changed, and indisputed leader is an powerful Midrange Shaman, which can not cope by any other archetype.

First problem of Midrange Shaman on the way to the legend – another Midrange Shaman

Midrange Shaman

While some are looking for the keys to victory over Midrange Shamans with varying degrees of success (for example, using the Freeze Mage and Control Warrior), others just take the strongest deck on ladder and show good results. However, they are not always good, because in addition to a strong deck for success in the ladder you need experience, understanding of the game situation and your deck. Some players just do not understand Midrange Shaman deck, especially when it comes to a mirror match-up.

Shaman whiril

If you choose a Midrange Shaman deck to play ladder, you should understand one thing: you will meet a lot of people like you, that take the easiest way to the top, with Midrange Shaman. Purely statistically your chances of winning are 50%, however, some players do better in the mirror match-up, using some tricks, features and common understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the Midrange Shaman deck. One of these players – Asmodeus, which is on its way to the legend played 19 mirror matches this month, and winning 16 of them.


Midrange shaman Vs. Midrange Shaman

Shaman whiril

This match up is very different from the usual match-up of this archetype, it is not tied to tempo game. You have many opportunities to quickly fill your table, flip the game situation, and take a leap in the pace. It is also much more important card advantage, and therefore profitable exchanges – the basis of your game strategy.

Usually the winner is those Midrange Shaman, who has shown more patience, endurance and understanding of the match-up. Sometimes you will have to just use your hero power several moves in a row without drawing cards until you do not have air Totem of Wind Wrath, by which you will be able to clean up the table and put your cheap creatures, for example, something from the depths.

Harrison Jones – the most important card in this matchup, as a player with a lot of cards in his hand there will be more options and chances to find an AoE effect in time. Therefore, you should not use Ghost claws just before the moment when you can not kill a creature using them. Without fear you can play Ghost claws until the fifth turn and at the stage when the opponent is close to exhaustion.

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Dr Boom • November 16, 2016

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