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Hearthstone game of information

Hearthstone – tips for begginers

Hearthstone – A Game of Information Introdution Hearthstone is a game that involves nothing but a lot of information. Unlike real athletic games where the strength and type of training that one does determines success, much of this game is how you, as a player, will use the information you gather from the game. If…

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Warlock C'tun hearthstone deck

Deck: C’thun Warlock

Deck: C’thun Warlock Deck: C’thun Warlock is quite slow, but once it picks up the tempo then confidently holds control on the table. Use strong class spells and focus strong characters. C’thun Warlock is better than any other to cope with the enemies in the ladder. Choosing cards Earthen Ring Farseer – Very useful healing card at any stage of…

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Dragon Warrior deck hearthstone

Deck: Dragon Warrior

Deck: Dragon Warrior Game Strategy Dragon Warrior is a very aggressive deck. Due to the good bending mana curve, you can quickly enhance your power on the table. The outcome of the fight is very dependent on your tempo of the game, so if you do not have the possibility of attacking, then force the opponent to…

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