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year of the raven

Hearthsone: Year of the Raven

Developers sharing their plans for the 2018 Year On the official website of the Hearthstone, a new gigantic article appeared where developers shared with their plans for the 2018 year that is called as a “Year of the Raven” The symbol of each year in Hearthstone is one of the zodiacal constellations. Soon in the game…

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Hearthstone 7.1 Patch notes

New update for Hearthstone 7.1.0 finally released. The game began preparing to the add-on “Journey to Un’goro”, and developers changes: scoring matches, Arena mode, card “Small-Time Buccaneer” and “Spirit claws“, as well as a number of fixes and graphic enhancements. Year of the Mammoth in HS In the “Journey to Un’goro” we will start our preparation…

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Shaman whiril

Mirror Midrange Shaman: Survival strategy

In recent months meta does not changed, and indisputed leader is an powerful Midrange Shaman, which can not cope by any other archetype. First problem of Midrange Shaman on the way to the legend – another Midrange Shaman While some are looking for the keys to victory over Midrange Shamans with varying degrees of success…

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Hearthstone art

Meta report #1

Overall condition Start of the new season did not surprise us. Shamans as been in the top as left. And even the best players did not opt for the challenging road to the legend: ThijsNL, ShtanUdachi, Xixo, Fr0zen and others, one way or another, used Midrange Shaman on the way to legend. What can I say, not…

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Captain Blackheart's Treasure

Brawl: Captain Blackheart’s Treasure

Blizzard released a Captain Blackheart’s Treasure Tavern Brawl. Again nothing interesting, but you do not need to set a deck and that pleases. Good Old Brawl Initially, we are given a deck, completely consisting of Pirates 2/3 for 2 Mana, whose art is surprisingly similar to Bloodsail Raider. But at the beginning of the turn, instead of…

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Thrall Midrange Shaman

Deck: Midrange Shaman

Shamans after Party in Karazhan Midrange Shaman – is not a new archetype in the Hearthstone,  a huge number of both bad and good guides was written about him, but the Party in Karazhan gave Thrall a very powerful tool for the early game, thanks to which the style of the game and the deck…

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Hearthstone Tavern brawl reviews

Hearthstone: A dark recipe

Hearthstone: Tavern Brawl Dark Recipe This week is the 61st Tavern Brawl and it’s called “A dark recipe”. In this one you have to choose a class and you will get a deck inspired from the Old Gods. On the first turn of each player a message will show up and will give you a…

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Top Hearthstone Addons

Top Hearthstone add-ons

Top Hearthstone add-ons, trackers, and arena helpers In gaming today almost any card game is comes with a handful of resourceful extra software that can help its players witness more progress towards the victory. Hearthstone is certainly no left out, and in this article we will share with you a few really useful add-ons as…

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Hearthstone game of information

Hearthstone – tips for begginers

Hearthstone – A Game of Information Introdution Hearthstone is a game that involves nothing but a lot of information. Unlike real athletic games where the strength and type of training that one does determines success, much of this game is how you, as a player, will use the information you gather from the game. If…

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