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Top Hearthstone Addons

Top Hearthstone add-ons

Top Hearthstone add-ons, trackers, and arena helpers

In gaming today almost any card game is comes with a handful of resourceful extra software that can help its players witness more progress towards the victory. Hearthstone is certainly no left out, and in this article we will share with you a few really useful add-ons as well as tools. You can use all of them safely and without breaking any rules of the game, but guide you well and help you organize your strategies and think wisely.

Of course, any other program that is able to lie to the level system and gold earnings is restricted, so it is not advisable to use any other additional software that is not stated on the list, unless you are absolutely certain.

In order to clarify any problems that might take place in the future, you shall learn a thing or two on the official stance on Hearthstone add-ons such as Hearthstone Tracker as well as Hearthstone Deck Tracker, highlighted in this guide.

This basically means that any type of software that does not connect directly into the process of the game, but simply collects information and analyzes it on a separate platform can be applied without worrying about being burned. Hopefully, this is crystal clear, so shall we go on with what’s interesting about the game.

Hearthstone Tracker Add-on

Heartstone tracker

Hearthstone Tracker lets you to monitor the game’s statistics. For instance, which deck has a greater possibility of winning?  It also helps you choose the best deck within the available Meta.

But the most crucial thing it does is that it tracks your performance when you are playing, recording important details such as your current hero, you match mode, opponent’s hero, match duration, results- either win or losses, deck as well as the starting point.

By recording all the above information after each game, you can take down notes and analyze what went astray as well as knowing your opponent’s deck, archetype, and even style.

You can take a look at your data graphically, in the form of charts, which come in handy and help you understanding your progress and performance. At the end of every session, you are given an opportunity to check the data that has been compiled by the software, and leave a note or  several of them  in order to conduct a in depth research.

In addition, Statistics can be viewed for a specific period, various game modes, grouped by your own hero or by that of your opponent and so much more. You can also learn various kinds of decks, for instance, a certain deck win rate against a specific class, and you can do all this in just a couple of clicks.

Hearthstone Tracker is quite simple to use and needs no extra configurations. You only need to install, play the game and watch the information getting recorded. You can download the add-on on the official site of the game.

Hearthstone Deck Tracker Add-on

Heartstone deck tracker

Hearthstone Deck Tracker shows the statues of your current deck. It also displays the amount of time left until the match ends and if there are any secrets that need to be unveiled. The add-on is quite resourceful especially for starters, but may be just as crucial for the old dogs.

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